Power Dressing


Kurta with half sleeves, buttoned up standing collar and fine detailing on the shoulder seam. The “Modi Kurta” a brand in itself is a customary attire of “Powerful People”. Crafted from pure #Linen the Modi Kurta is a must have wardrobe accessory today! The Modi Kurta is already a registered label in India.

“We have trademark rights for ‘Modi kurta’ for retail in India,” says Bipin Chauhan, who co-owns the Rs 150-crore clothing chain, Jade Blue, along with brother Jitendra. The duo who have been dressing up Modi for two decades now, are taking this clothing brand overseas, labelled as ‘Modi kurta’ for the first time.

“We have been selling these kurtas for four years but these were not labelled as such,” he says. ‘Modi kurtas’ in 20 colours and 12 styles are being sold in through the company’s 18 outlets in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.

‘Modi kurtas’ are made in two fabrics – linen-polyester and linen-cotton. “Just like the Nehru jacket, Modi kurta has become a phenomenon,” says Chauhan who got the brand name cleared from the chief minister himself.

Obviously, the Chauhans know Modi well as their association with Modi dates back to 1990’s when the RSS pracharak preferred half-sleeved poly-khadi kurtas in white because they were easy to iron.

Over the years, Modi’s dress sense has evolved in keeping with the changing times. From poly-khadi, his wardrobe now includes kurtas in khadi silk, matka silk and linen. Modi’s favourite colours are white, off-white, light pink, saffron, pistachio and other earthy shades. “Crafting clothes for a PM would be my dream come true”, says Chauhan.

While Jade Blue has been manufacturing ‘Modi kurta’ for four years, all the kurtas will carry the label from this year. “Earlier, we refrained from stitching the label on the kurta’s collar as people with other poltitical leanings used to shy away from buying these kurtas. Now, each kurta will carry the label,” says Chauhan who counts Ahmed Patel, Sonia Gandhi’s political secretary, among his clients.

Ramp walk a thousand steps with Modi Kurta, a part of the Power Dressing. ModiKurta made in linen-polyester & linen-cotton are a trend that has survived the test of the times! Modi kurta has evolved from being the drab whites in the 80s & the 90s to the brighter, harder shades of blues & saffron in the recent times!


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